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Aesculapius Farmaceutici collaborates with the scientific community with a continuous exchange of knowledge, which has led to a benefit and protection of patients’ health, in line with the codes and regulations that govern our sector.

It shares the principles of transparency indicated by Farmindustria and by EFPIA - European Federation of Associations and Pharmaceutical Industries. Therefore, the publication of data transferring value is an opportunity for us to strengthen transparency towards citizens and institutions.

In accordance with these principles and with a view to transparency and full traceability of the operations carried out, starting from 2017 Aesculapius publishes every year:

  • the transfers of value granted to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations, linked to the development and marketing of drugs for human use (with medical prescription obligation);
  • the list of Patient Associations supported by the company with the economic value of each loan disbursed

We want Aesculapius Farmaceutici is recognized by all our interlocutors as a reliable company, able to promote and adopt at all levels transparent behaviors that are consistent with the rules and regulations, and with a sense of responsibility for its key role in the pharmaceutical sector.

In the case of Healthcare Professionals, these are the costs of attending conferences and congresses and expenses for consulting and professional services regulated by a specific contract. In the case of Healthcare Organizations these are donations and contributions, both in cash and in kind, of sponsorship of scientific events of high educational value, fees for consultancy and professional services resulting from a written contract between Aesculapius and Institutions, Organizations or Associations. With regard to corporate value transfers for Research and Development, only the costs relating to pre-clinical, clinical and observational studies paid directly or indirectly to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations, both in Italy and abroad (therefore only one minimum part of the amount indicated refers to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations located in Italy).

For information on the regulation introduced by the “Code on the transparency of transfers of value between pharmaceutical companies, health workers and health organizations”, please visit the website (Deontological Code section).

Publication on an individual or aggregate basis?

The transfers of value to Healthcare Professionals will be published on an individual or aggregate basis.
The EFPIA Transparency Code is a voluntary commitment, the privacy laws of European countries, including Italy, allow the publication of individual data only with the consent of the Health Professional. If the Health Professional does not allow the disclosure of individual data, his transfers of value will be reported on an aggregate basis.

The transfers of value concerning the “Research and Development” sector will always be reported on an aggregate basis as regulated by the EFPIA Transparency Code.